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Autism: The Teratagen Fallout

Autism: The Teratogen Fallout

About The Book:

As Dr. Ursula Franklin, experimental physicist, warned and Greenpeace demonstrated, institutions continued to poison the environment. But who would have thought the fallout would have produced such an aftermath on our children — our only future. Autism, a rarely heard word in the 1970’s, has now affected one in 165 Canadians and one in 150 Americans and is still escalating.

This book reports the latest findings and provides the missing link between teratogens and autism spectrum disorder. As well, it tells the story behind the Front Page Story of one Canadian family and their struggle to overcome autism – the teratogen fallout.

Author Dr. Olga Graham is a journalist who holds seven academic degrees. But more importantly, she lived and worked as a journalist through the spraying of Agent Orange/Agent Purple in Oromocto, New Brunswick in 1966 and 1967, and was involved when yet another teratogen, lead, left its toll in Ontario, Canada.

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