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Wombman, Where are your Accusers

My Life is but a weaving
Between the Lord and me;
I cannot choose the colours
He weaveth steadily.

What I realized as I grew older, was that my life was privileged—for a woman! Yet, it shared a lot with other women, who were Wombmen—mankind with a womb--the bearer of others. I was born at the time when women were having to be more than just wombs—the bearer of children, so it may be said that I was in the group that spear-headed the Women’s Movement. Although for me, the movement was not deliberately or consciously planned. It was after WW II and the world had become a different place. Women were no longer the same. Men were no longer the same—the world was no longer the same. Whose fault was it? Was it a fault? To some, there was confusion. To the women who left womb-focus and pursued other goals, it seemed a natural thing to do. This was much to the chagrin of those who wanted women (many were now widows) to leave work outside the home that the war had produced; and independent-thinking, and return to woman’s place—the silent partner—at home in the kitchen. It did not happen. Neither media nor the influence of religion could ebb the tide. Women were still wombs, but now they were other things. Some suffered for this—others, like me, were oblivious—after all it was a new world that I was born into. Nevertheless, the womb did its work; life threw its curved balls, and the Divine Weaver weaved His colours. Still, in the fullness of time, I became His—and Life took on meaning and purpose—and consciousness. Called, anointed, and ordained for thirty years a lot has happened—and so many miracles as well.  Yet, everywhere I speak or minister I have been asked the same questions, so here are the answers—just because you asked.

Wombman, Where are your accusers, book front Wombman, Where are your accusers, book back

This book could have been titled “Confessions of a Female Minister.” And I also considered the title, “He walks With Me” because that too, is the story. But the title Wombman, Where are Your Accusers? seemed more appropriate as I have found much misogyny and prejudice against women in man’s Church and this is contrary to what I read in Holy Scriptures. So, this book also discusses women’s role in the church—womb and all—in prose and poetry.

Author: Dr. Olga Graham spent over forty years as a journalist in the mass communications media. Graham holds seven academic degrees that include English,psychology and sociology from York University. A mother and grandmother, Graham is retired and now lives and writes in Canada.

ISBN 978-0-9689383-3-1
The Free Press 777
Box 452, Don Mills, Ontario M3C 2T2
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